Ethereum Users Can Now Seamlessly Onboard into Protocols on Starknet

With Wido's deposit widget, protocols on Starknet can now accept direct deposits from Ethereum and layer 2s

We are excited to announce an Alpha launch of Wido on Starknet mainnet. With Wido, protocols on Starknet can now accept direct deposits from Ethereum in a single transaction.

How it works: Wido's transaction infrastructure can bundle multiple transactions across Ethereum and Starknet to provide a seamless one-click deposit experience.

Example: User can deposit USDC into a JediSwap USDC/DAI Pool on Starknet. That requires bridging USDC to Starknet, swapping 50% of the USDC into DAI on Starknet, and finally depositing USDC + DAI into the JediSwap Pool on Starknet. The user also needs gas tokens on Ethereum and Starknet to pay for the transactions. With Wido, all of those transactions become one click and gas is paid only once, at the beginning (in our example on Ethereum).

Moreover, Wido offers a visually appealing widget that only takes few lines of code to integrate. You can see it in action in the attached JediSwap screenshot.

JediSwap x Wido integration: users can deposit any token from Ethereum into a Starknet JediSwap pool with just one transaction. Wido Router infrastructure handles all necessary bridge + swap transactions.

Leading DeFi protocols, including Yearn, already use Wido on Ethereum to receive deposits in any token, and saw 2x growth in TVL and deposit volume with Zaps. We are excited to see Wido's contribution to TVL growth on Starknet.

📣 Call to Action: Developing a protocol on Starknet? Accept deposits from Ethereum and other chains and increase your TVL! Learn how to integrate Wido here.

Join us in revolutionizing the DeFi landscape across blockchains with Wido!