Router: HackMoney 2022 Winner 🏅

Find best yield on stablecoins 🌱

Discover the best yield on your stablecoins. Seamlessly move liquidity across vaults and chains.

Ecosystem Partners
Wido Router SDK ⚙️

Multi Chain Zap Infrastructure

Install Wido Router SDK to enable cross-chain zaps in your dApp.

Developer Docs
Code snippet for routing USDC from Ethereum into

All DeFi yield in a single place

Wido aggregates all stablecoin yields into a single UI, allowing anyone to earn the highest yield across DeFi.

What people are saying about Wido

“I have been following your progress, it's really cool. Keep building ser 💪”

“I really like this product. Historical APY is king here.”


Awesome project and awesome team! Great work


The product is great, it is triggering tons of ideas in my mind

Naty Shi

On the phone, this looks fantastic and has really good data points about each vault.


“Ooooh this sounds amazing. I gave up on Yearn because of fees, but maybe I don't have to now.”