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Omnichain Zap Infrastructure

Integrate Wido SDK into your dApp and offer single-transaction deposits and withdrawals with any token, to any DeFi protocol.

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Grow your TVL by 2x

Wido Zap infrastructure lets users deposit any token into any DeFi pool in a single transaction. Dapps integrate Wido Zaps to increase conversion and TVL by 2x.

Any to any token swaps (Zaps)
Works with every DeFi protocol
Cross-chain support
Gasless compatible
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For dApps, wallets and yield aggregators

Web3 SDK for your dApp

Stop redirecting users to protocol websites.
Wido SDK provides Zaps as a service into hundreds of protocols while abstracting complexities of low-level web3 libraries. Learn more.

For merchants

Accept crypto payments in any token

Works with any token like ETH or USDC but also with non-liquid tokens like yield tokens, social tokens, and more.

Choose which token you want to receive your payments in
User pays with what they have
Wido Router takes care of the conversion
Works cross-chain
Wido SDK ⚙️

All it takes is a couple of lines of code and npm install

JavaScript SDK for 100% customisation. Widget for less than 5-minute integration.

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Code snippet for routing USDC from Ethereum into

What people are saying about Wido

“I have been following your progress, it's really cool. Keep building ser 💪”

Awesome project and awesome team! Great work


The product is great, it is triggering tons of ideas in my mind

Naty Shi

“Ooooh this sounds amazing. I gave up on Yearn because of fees, but maybe I don't have to now.”