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Build great DeFi apps

Wido is a set of tools and APIs for EVM Wallets and DeFi apps to help them make the DeFi experience shine 💅🏻.

Wido is Supported by the best

Bundle multiple transactions

Protocols use Wido Router to receive deposits in any token, growing conversion by 2x.

Single token deposits into pools on DEXes across EVM chains (Zap)
Migrate liquidity between vaults or pools in one transaction
1inch, 0x, LiFi, Socket — we integrate them all to ensure best quotes
Support for many protocols with more being added daily
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Powerful DeFi API

  • Pricing data for non-liquid tokens like vaults, pools or farms
  • Detailed data for vault and or pool tokens like protocol name, underlaying tokens, token composition and more
  • P&L data for user positions
  • 3+ months of historical APY for vault and farm tokens
Wido SDK ⚙️

All it takes is a couple of lines of code and npm install

JavaScript SDK for 100% customisation. Widget for less than 5-minute integration.

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Code snippet for routing USDC from Ethereum into

What people are saying about Wido

“I have been following your progress, it's really cool. Keep building ser 💪”

Awesome project and awesome team! Great work


The product is great, it is triggering tons of ideas in my mind

Naty Shi

“Ooooh this sounds amazing. I gave up on Yearn because of fees, but maybe I don't have to now.”