Wido x Harvest Collaboration: Any-token Farming for All

Wido x Harvest's integration journey for any-token farming.

We are excited to share that Wido has partnered with Harvest to bring any token deposits to Harvest's long-awaited next-gen yield farming platform.

Our collaboration began many months ago and it’s been quite a journey of invention and innovation. Now, we're ready to roll out the red carpet and invite you all to join our big reveal.

Harvest’s new app required their team to plan the deposit & withdrawal module from scratch. Making it easy to use and clean wasn’t an easy task as the full process of getting started with yield farming requires two steps. First, wrapping input token into Harvest’s fToken. The second action is staking that fToken in Harvest’s vault for users to be entitled to all sorts of rewards and incentives.

Figure: Let's travel back to the start. Here's a glimpse of our first iteration for this exciting integration, with a clear goal: making deposits & withdrawals a breeze.

For the first step of this process, Harvest was on a mission to integrate Wido under the hood to enable any token deposits. Given that, we were actively supporting the Harvest team on any challenge they encountered during the design and development process.

We are delighted to see the Wido logo visible across over 100 of Harvest’s farms, cementing our brand among the DeFi audience as a trusted and reliable Zap provider.

Wido logo proudly presented on over 100 of Harvest's farms pages

Benefits to Harvest after Switching to Wido

Before Harvest implemented Wido and revamped its app, its users, in order to make a deposit, oftentimes had to leave the app in order to find the right token to complete the deposit. It was complex and time-consuming, and the pain point for Harvest was that they were losing traffic in the process.

Today, Harvest users stay on the platform throughout the whole process while enjoying the benefit of being able to get started with yield farming with any token in their wallet. This improved user experience drastically increases the deposit rate across all Wido-supported farms.

What Lies Ahead?

This integration is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wido's vision is grand – to bring DeFi to 1 billion people, one zap at a time.

Harvest dreams big too – making everyone a successful crypto farmer.

Together, we're a powerhouse that's ready to turn dreams into reality.

Here's a sneak peek into what we're cooking up next with Harvest:

  1. Cross-chain deposits & withdrawals: Fancy farming on other chains? We've got your back. No more juggling special gas tokens for each chain. A single click and a single transaction (+ approval) are all it takes.
  2. Gasless transactions: Imagine transactions without gas. Well, it's about to become a reality. You can pay with the token you're depositing.
  3. Complete chain abstraction: Switching chains or different gas tokens — we're about to eliminate all that fuss. Depositing or withdrawing on different chains will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Calling All Developers!

Looking to make your dApp the talk of the town? Wido's here to help:

  • For dApp builders: Fancy accepting deposits from other chains? Or making remote smart contract calls across EVM chains or Starknet? We're here to lend a hand. We've got your protocols covered so you can skip the contract writing part.
  • For Wallets: We offer unified integration with a multitude of protocols across DeFi. Enable one-click staking into protocols across different chains and smooth deposits into Pools or Vaults from Yearn, Harvest, Beefy, and more.
  • Strategists: We enable you to create farming strategies across multiple pools, farms, or vaults on different chains, all via a simple, unified API. And the best part? No worries about gas tokens or asynchronicity.

Our robust infrastructure has passed two independent audits, and top dApps, like Harvest, Yearn, and Pickle, trust and integrate the Wido SDK already.

To learn more, zap over to joinwido.com.

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