Wido Router – HackMoney 2022 winner

Wido Router allows users to move assets across any chain or layer 2 in a single transaction.

Wido Router abstracts complex multi-chain transactions into a single transaction. It allows deposits into vaults on a different chain without the need to own the destination chain's native token to pay for gas.


Imagine you want to deposit into the DAI vault on yearn.finance on Fantom (currently offering 5% APY according to yearn.finance). But you don’t have anything on your Fantom wallet (no DAI, no FTM to pay for gas). You do, however, have some USDC on your Avalanche wallet.

Using Wido Router, you can deposit your USDC from Avalanche into the DAI vault on Fantom in a single transaction. The transaction fee will be paid in AVAX (source chain native token), so you will not need any FTM to pay for the deposit transaction on Fantom.

See a live demo here (4-minute video).

How it works

Wido Router consists of a Routing contract on each chain. Initially, we have contracts on Ethereum, Avalanche and Fantom, and we plan to add more.

Wido Router contracts use Stargate.Finance behind the scenes to handle the bridging. More bridges will be added to ensure the best bridging price.

Wido Router contracts depend on an off-chain router API that chooses the optimal path for the token swaps to ensure the lowest slippage. We plan to open-source it and take community contributions.

Integrate your protocol

Are you a protocol, and do you want to accept deposits from any chain or layer two? Please reach out!

Wido Router – Top 10 finalist at HackMoney 2022

Wido Router was built and introduced during HackMoney 2022, where it was recognised as one of the top 10 hacks.

You can find the final project submission here (the link also contains a 4-minute demo video).

What is next

We will integrate Wido Router with a few selected partners. After that, we plan to decentralise the project and allow anyone to contribute routes so that Wido Router becomes a fundamental building block in the multi-chain world, allowing users to move assets anywhere seamlessly.

Try Wido Router yourself!